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Teachers: T. Ballentine


Project Name: Science and Society Research Project


Due Date: Monday, September 8, 2008


Assignment Guidelines:


Contributions of Scientists

Identify a scientist who has made significant contributions to society through the life sciences. Confirm your selection with your instructor. Create a product that answers the following questions.

• Who is the scientist?

• What did they do?

• When and where did they conduct their research?

• Why is their research considered important and how did their research impact society?




   EBSCO, Britannica Online, NewsBank, and Facts on File are all good reliable sources for information.  Go to the Database Resource page for links to the sites. See Mrs. Triplitt for usernames and passwords.  Mrs. Ballentine has these also.


You will research one of the following topics.  Choose the topic you are most interested in.   Click on the link to find numerous reliable sites for your information.  Don’t forget to cite your sources for this project. 


Choose one of the following to report on


Oswald Avery

Melvin Calvin

Martha Chase

Francis Crick

Charles Darwin

Alexander Fleming

Rosalind Franklin

Frederick Griffith

Alfred Hershey

Robert Hooke

Thomas Hunt Morgan

James Hutton

Robert Koch

Hans Krebs

John-Baptiste Lamarck

Carolus Linneaus

Charles Lyell

Thomas Malthus

Lynn Margulis

Gregor Mendel

Louis Pasteur

Linus Pauling

Joseph Priestley

Francesco Redi

Julius Robert Mayer

Jonas Salk

Matthias Schleiden

Theodor Schwann

Lazzaro Spallanzani

Jan Van Helmont

Rudolf Virchow

Alfred Wallace

James Watson

Ian Wilmut

Anton Van Leeuwenhoek