1st Grade Summer Technology Academy 2009

Ted Flores Elementary

Pearsall, Texas

June 8 - June 12, 2009                       12:00 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.



Jayne Keck     Mary Jo Wilson    Jacque Wilson     Patty Gonzales     Becky Enriquez

Introduction  Task  Resources  Dinosaur Activities  Evaluation  Conclusion


    Welcome to the 1st Grade Summer Technology Academy 2009 on Texas Dinosaurs.  Imagine what it would be like to see a dinosaur up close!  How would the dinosaur sound?  Would the earth shake when it walked?  What kinds of dinosaurs lived in Texas?  What would dinosaur eggs and baby dinosaurs look like?  What does a paleontologist (pa.le.on.tol.o.gist) do?  A paleontologist is a scientist who studies the fossil remains of animals and plants.

    To find answers to these and other questions, you will take a journey by way of the Internet.  You will use Internet Sites to discover stories, facts, sounds, photos, and other fun and interesting information about dinosaurs.

    You will be able to take trips to places where dinosaurs once roamed and find out what it would be like to discover dinosaur fossils and tracks.  Dig in!



     Dinosaur Tracksite - Tarpley, Texas



    Virtual Tours and Interactive Sites

    Facts & News


         Dinosaur Track




Dinosaur Activities                               


    You will work within groups and individually to finish all of your tasks.  You will take your completed Dinosaur Journal home with you at the end of the week.


    Congratulations!  You have now journeyed and "walked with the dinosaurs" in a land lost in time!  You can consider yourself an "Internet Paleontologist"!  Like a paleontologist, share the information you have learned during this summer computer class with your family and friends.   We hope you have enjoyed your 1st Grade Summer Technology Academy 2009 on Texas Dinosaurs.  Your journey is just beginning.  Continue your adventure by digging into the Internet!